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I'm currently at university which is super fun and exciting but also so strange and foreign. I applied nearly 18 months ago and it feels like that time has gone so so fast, it feels like only a few weeks ago I ran into the living room and collapsed next to my mum trying to tell her i'd got into uni through my tears.

Being away from home is stressful, I have to do adult things like buy toilet cleaner and apply for council tax exemption forms, as well as trying to cook food without getting food poisoning or setting the kitchen on fire. If I can't find something I can't ask my mum where it is, I have to book my own appointments and remember to go to them. I'm not going to sugar coat it; going to university has been one of the hardest things i've done. It's hard emotionally too, I now only see my boyfriend once a month if i'm lucky, I can't have my family around me when i'm stressed out. Of course there's so many new people to meet and befriend and i've made lots of really cool friends; but they're still new friends. In reality I hardly know them compared to my 10 year+ friendships I have at home, we don't have years of memories and embarrassing stories about each other. Everything is all brand new and shiny but I like things to be well loved and worn, it's more inviting and homely that way.

Like I said I have made some great friends who i'm sure will be there when I get married or when my children are christened. I'm just still finding my feet a little. I love my course and the university itself, the library is absolutely huge which greatly excites me and there's always something going on.

I feel like people only talk about the best bits of going away to uni and forget to mention the homesickness and the large amount of growing up that must be done in a matter of weeks. Uni is wonderful but also so scary. I think maybe people should talk more about the reality, perhaps it wouldn't seem so foreign if I knew exactly what I was getting in to.

Here are some things I wish i'd known before going to university:

IT'S OKAY TO FEEL A LITTLE LONELY - You've probably moved a long way from home and are surrounded by people you don't know. Trust me, everyone else feels the same - they might just hide it under the copious amounts of alcohol or their 'I must make everyone my friend' face.

Bring your own washing up liquid and hide it. - I left a bottle of it on the side in the kitchen and within a few days everyone else had used it. Don't get me wrong it's great your flatmates are doing their washing up but you paid for that! Being a student will teach you to guard your money and the food/supplies you have bought with your life.

Don't buy any textbooks until you are there - If your course is textbook heavy, you could end up paying £200+ on what is essentially pieces of a dead tree. There will be 2nd years selling their second hand books cheaply, you don't want to pay full price for something some lecturers may completely disregard anyway.

Don't spend all your money on drinks in clubs - drinks in clubs are blooming expensive. Pre-drink to a level where you will be nicely tipsy the whole night to avoid paying £3 every time you want a jagerbomb. Also don't get absolutely smashed. It may seem great at the time but when you're walking home from the club trying to hold both yourself and your equally drunk friend up before throwing up in the toilet, you'll probably regret every decision you've made. Not going to lie, i've been there and you probably will still end up doing it, but hey you can learn from your own mistakes.

Go to lectures and pay attention - If you don't go, you will feel like you've missed out loads. Lecturers tend to go through things really quickly so if you miss an hour or two it really matters. Lecturers also don't usually give you much time to write stuff down so only write the basic ideas that you can go away and expand on in your spare time. Don't try to be clever and artistic making your lecture notes look neat and tidy and accept everything you scribble down in that room will look like a 5 year old with no thumbs wrote it. Also don't sit there on your phone or arrive late/leave early, your lecturer will notice, and if you're really unlucky, will point you out to the whole room.

That's all for now, bye!!

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